Sub Zero Repair

These were well built machines and I think they are still the best on the market. A lot of times sub zero problems occur that are common throughout the refrigeration world. Clogged or frozen drain lines, dirty condensers, condenser fans, evaporator fans, thermistors, bad connections. . .  .  are all problematic throughout the appliance world and sub zero repair is no different in that aspect. You just have to know how to work on them and what to watch for. An analysis from a real technician can save you a lot of money and headache in the long run.

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Specializing in Sub Zero Repair

A lot of “techs” out there will not order a genuine sub zero part unless they are forced to. Here’s a dirty little industry secret for you. Sub Zero doesn’t sell to the general public, and they force most of us to pay full blown retail for the part when we order from them. This makes knock off parts very attractive to some of the “techs” out there offering service on sub zero refrigeration.

Most sub zero repairs are not as complicated as people make them out to be.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out to a job and found a $3 Indonesian made defrost timer or a $10 cheaply made knock off Chinese made fan installed by another company during a previous sub zero repair. Why would someone do this? To pad his pocket, laziness, lack of knowledge or experience or they don’t care anything about your appliance. They don’t care that it’s only going to last a year if you’re lucky. Hey more money for them right! If you call them every year to fix a problem that wasn’t done correctly the first time it only rewards bad behavior and makes the trade look bad. The sad part is that we may be talking about a $60 difference in the price from using the cheapest available to using a genuine replacement part.

Generic Parts Are Problems

Generic door gaskets seem to be coming into the world more and more lately but the problem is that they are junk. I’ve had at least one instance where a customer installed their own door gasket and of course it wasn’t right and another where another tech installed some generic door gasket. Neither were satisfied with the results. Changing door gaskets is not an easy job. If you’re going to offer Sub Zero repair, then at least do it correctly. I’ve done so many that I have a system down that works well and many tricks for getting them done correctly. The first is to not use generic parts. In the case of something being back ordered or no longer available the second choice is whirlpool or GE parts, then and only then do you start searching around for what you need. That’s pretty uncommon with sub zero because they usually have what you need to make the unit functional again. Now making it pretty again is a different story, but I can usually do that too. See the pic to the right? When I got there it was red from rusting. I was able to scrape, sand and paint it to make the interior look like that again.

Why Choose The Appliance Technician? Because we’re simply the best at what we do! Different brands take different approaches. That’s why we stay up-to-date on all Sub-Zero refrigeration technology to provide you with the best appliance service in St Tammany Parish: Mandeville, Madisonville, Folsom, Abita Springs and Covington.

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We know that any kind of refrigerator issue is inconvenient and time consuming, so our goal is to make the whole repair process fast and reliable and at a reasonable price. When you choose The Appliance Technician, you can expect:

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