Samsung DC Error

Samsung DC Error on top load washers

I think Samsung has gotten the Samsung DC Error on their top load washers figured out. It’s been an annoyance for a while and I wonder how many of these machines are plauged by it without us repair techs knowing about it. I find most people will wait before calling us until the washer will hardly work anymore. What I don’t get is why would you put up with that annoyance for however long it is until it finally breaks? Call when it starts, get it working again and move on. The problem isn’t going to fix itself and in fact it’s only going to get worse until you decide to make the good ol Samsung repair or buy a replacement.

Samsung washers are tearing themselves apart, literally.

There was a bulletin on the Samsung DC error that came out a while back about changing the shocks over to a new and improved shock. Hopefully it will remedy the DC error and the high spin destruction problem they are having. Time will tell as it’s a fairly new fix to an ongoing problem. I’ve had at least one with worn out shocks that were replaced before the SB came out and they failed within a year.

These pictures are from an online forum where some of us techs get together and talk about the problems we’re having in the field. I did not take them so I don’t know all of the specifics as to what happened. He did tell me it was the rods from the service bulletin but I’m thinking that it’s the rods from the old service bulletin and not the new one but don’t know for sure. The newer rods are thicker than the old ones and that’s what makes me think this. I can’t see the newer rods bending at the ends like these did but again I’m not sure.