Samsung Appliance Repair

While a lot of appliance repair companies have been shunning and bashing Samsung, we’ve embraced them. We specialize in Samsung appliance repair and offer factory certified service.

Samsung is a leader in technology whether appliance repair companies like it or not. In order to understand Samsung appliance repair you must understand that They are computers that refrigerate, wash, dry and probably record you talking in your sleep and send it back to Korea. They have brought a new world into the appliance repair field. A lot of guys shun them because Samsung has never used traditional technology, making them a foreign language to learn. For me, I’ve been building computers since I was 14 and am typing this on my last computer build complete with 12gb of ram on a 64bit system. Samsung uses multiple control boards and varying voltages including 5vdc, 12vdc, and 120vac and DC communication lines all run through one machine. It’s pretty cool if you ask me.

Don’t take “We don’t work on those” as a final answer, call us for your Samsung Appliance Repair

A lot of “techs” don’t want to touch them. Typically customers call around to 2-4 other guys and are told that “they’re a piece of junk” and they don’t work on them. I have an issue with this. They are by no means a piece of junk, they are computer controlled machine’s and have to be understood as such. Unless you take the time to understand them you will be lost, resulting in getting burned and then a “we don’t work on those” attitude. I enjoy the challenge, and although new problems do arise it’s all in a day’s work and leaves us better off for the next one. And besides, their Kor-English manuals are funny because the translations in them are truly horrible but entertaining.

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