Maytag Appliance Repair

Maytag Appliance Repair and the ol lonely repairman

Maytag was the king of marketing of the appliance field back in the day with their commercials of the ol lonely repairman. They were great commercials that portrayed that no one was in need of any Maytag appliance repair so the repairman had nothing to do with his time.  They were able to market that way for a reason. Back in the day Maytag made superior products over just about anything else on the market. Their washers were made of steel and porcelain, their refrigerators of steel, copper, copper, and more copper and maybe some genuine stainless steel. They were tanks. They cared nothing about anything but quality. They were an American company based out of Newton, Iowa and even renamed their address to “One Dependability Square”.

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A lot of these washers are still in service

The Maytag Dependable care series were the best washers ever made. Maytag appliance repair is usually pretty straight forward, as these machines were made to serviced and last a lifetime. I’ve worked on some that were well over 40 years old in the worst possible places imaginable from a tech’s standpoint and still going strong. You’ll be lucky to get 10 out of one of these new modern washers. A dependable care series Maytag appliance repair can usually make the machine last a lifetime. I gave my brother a set that someone was throwing away that were made in 1985 and they are back in service after sitting for 2 years in the back shed.

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We have the utmost respect for these units and want to keep them up and running, or give them to a family member that will call me at 10:00 pm on a Saturday night. These are the most dependable machines ever made and I don’t want calls on Saturday nights at 10:00pm. With these machines I can keep that from happening.