Grounds One of Toledo, Ohio – A new strategy for independent contractors, we can all use.

This blog post is a general show case of a company in Toledo, Ohio that started from nothing to a local powerhouse in a matter of a few years. This is less about excavation and more about general contractors. Grounds One of Toledo, Ohio set the local standard for customer retention. A note all contractors, and repairmen alike should take down.

Grounds One has developed a new strategy to capture new clients in the current market. Instead of looking for consumers looking for personal work, they have went after the local contractors directly.

By providing a free or cheap alternative to purchasing equipment, they have captured the local market. Any concrete or asphalt contractor in the area has immediate access to a trained crew, and heavy equipment provided by Grounds One to help them bid on bigger jobs, or complete difficult ones.

At no cost to the contractor, it is a no-brainer. This is in-person networking taken to a whole new level. If other contractors were willing to work together, no matter the field, more money could be made.

Feel free to check them out and see what they are doing at